Wearn Hong


Big Tree Paradigm - In collaboration with Felix Saw

About C House

The world abounds with numerous beautiful things. Most people overlooked the little details that composed the admirable. The inducement of a big tree, in this scenario, possibly conceived from its behemoth core, blooming branches, moving shadows, and sensual texture. Not surprisingly, these elements often overshadow its impressive extended roots. The disappearing traces of roots into the unknown indirectly intensify its gravity of existence. Hence, the idea surfaced to unearth the aesthetic quality of aerating roots.


Set in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, the notion is revealed through the complementary juxtaposition; complete inexistence of a big tree. This contradiction exposed the neglected and emphasized its beauty. By contrast, the presence of the roots is elegantly unveiled by the absence of the lower part of a wall.


The spreading of the footings is promoted by the human circulation in the house. Moreover, the translation of the undulating roots is palpable in the variation of floor levels. This transcends the visual experience of discovering the elegance of a big tree into an exciting journey.

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